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You can help for as little as $20 or more per month or by supporting one of our programs:

  1. Monthly Support
  2. Clean Water Program
  3. School Tuition Program
  4. Trade School Education
  5. One Time Donation

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The Needs of any given community…

are attainable with financial support that helps the community become healthy by having a proper diet and clean water to drink. The education of the children is vital to the future of the community. It is important the assistance provided is viewed as a temporary situation and the goal of the community is to advance itself to the point where they can become self-sustaining both at home and in the parish community at large.

Our mission, "helping to build a brighter future for Haiti, one community at a time" and the needs of Christian communities in Haiti can only be met through the generous financial and spiritual support of people and businesses like yourselves.