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You can help for as little as $20 or more per month through our Monthly Donation or by supporting one of our other programs:

  • Monthly Donation –Your monthly donation of $20 or more helps support all our programs where needed.  For $20 a month over a year’s time:  you can provide 4 families with clean water, educate 4 elementary school children or help us provide the opportunities for adults to learn and start a trade.
  • Water – provide an opportunity for a healthier life with our water purification systems
  • Education – educating children gives them the basic skills necessary to succeed in life
  • Trade School Education – We partner with a local trade school providing education in welding, auto mechanics and cabinet making providing an education in these studies, allowing them to attain proper employment to help themselves, their families and their community. We currently have 9 young men enrolled in these programs.
  • One Time Donation – Don’t want to spread your donation over time, more convenient to make a one-time donation.? This is the place, donate an amount that fits your budget and your comfort level.

Please review all of our programs and choose your method of support that best fits your abilities to help those in need. We appreciate every donation no matter how large or small.

or Mail your tax deductible, life-saving, life changing contribution to:

ABC for Haiti
PO Box 51929
Mesa, AZ 85209