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Haitian Hearts – An Interview

I’ve linked a short 10 minute interview with Dr. John Carroll of Haitian Hearts.  The video is very interesting as Dr. Carroll discusses the current day situation in Haiti.  Dr. Carroll is the founder of Haitian Hearts and has been very active in Haiti for years. 

Dr. Carroll discusses the problems and needs of Haiti from the view of the common folks.  Many of you probably do not know there is a very elite segment of Haitian society that is basically in control of 10 million people. Dr. Carroll gives an overview of the current situation as far as health, infrastructure, and what has happened to the 13 Billion dollars raised since the earthquake.  He also shows an example of something which is very common in Haiti and which I’m sure you will find most disturbing.

We as a small organization are very fortunate that we are not involved with the Government.   Because of this, 95% or better of what is donated actually goes to help the communities we are serving.  Our work is limited to a small community in the rural area of the Central Plateau in the area of Hinche.   We have been able to help the health situation with clean water systems and sanitation at the parish school, aid in the daily functions of the parish, and provide for the private education of children in the area, as well as working diligently to provide training for employment opportunities for adults.

Please take a few moments to watch the video and to know your dollars are reaching and serving the community in our care.  There is much work to be done and we rely solely on your dollars.  Remember your donation, depending on your tax situation may be tax deductible.

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