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Cholera in Haiti – Please Donate Today

Cholera Affects Our Lady of the Rosary

Cholera ward in makeshift hospital

Cholera ward in makeshift hospital

There have been so many news reports of late about the resurgence of Cholera in Haiti, I thought it might be a good time to answer a few basic questions about cholera and what is happening, not only in the headlines but in our little corner of Haiti, Our Lady of the Rosary Parish and its 3 chapels.

What is Cholera – an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine, typically contracted from infected water supplies and causing severe vomiting and diarrhea.

How is Cholera acquired?  Cholera infections are most commonly acquired from drinking water in which V.cholerae is found naturally or into which it has been introduced from the feces of an infected person.  Other common vehicles include contaminated fish and shellfish, produce or leftover cooked grains that have not been properly reheated.

Recent headlines are saying that the United Nations had played a role and admitted that they were partially responsible for the outbreak of Cholera in Haiti. Below, are just a few of the headlines over the past few weeks (click on headline for link to news article).

Dodging Accountability at the United Nations (The New York Times)

The U.N. has admitted that it played a role in the cholera outbreak in Haiti (ScienceAlert 8/21/16)

U.N. ran from role in Haiti’s cholera outbreak (Miami Herald 8/21/16)

Appeals court upholds U.N. immunity from Haiti cholera suit (Jamaica Gleaner 8/20/16)

United Nations drafts program to fight cholera in Haiti (Prensa Latina 8/19/16)

Cholera Bacteria

Cholera Bacteria

With all this said, there is still no real help or hope in Haiti. It has almost been 6 years and the people of Haiti are still struggling. Sources are calling the increase in cholera infections an outbreak; to me that’s still an epidemic. We are fighting hard, and everyone’s donations and help have been amazing. We currently have over 200 individual single buckets systems in place in the parish, we funded a purified water dispensing station on the parish grounds, and your donations and help has funded a six seater outhouse for the school with 2 hands cleansing stations.

At the chapel of LaBeque we are working on getting a well drilled to bring water to the community and especially the school there which has close to 400 children.  At the chapel of Kou Kadichon there are people who are getting sick with cholera, but, in Father’s words they are “receiving care”. I would like to see and encourage that your dollars create conditions in order to avoid cholera.

Father preaches not only the Gospels, but he teaches sanitation, keeping their home areas clean, washing their hands often. However, his tiny little church only holds so many at Mass and when he prays the Mass at the chapels, it is simply under an open sided, roofed gathering place, so only so many can attend.  The word is getting out about the need for sanitation and I’m sure when school starts up again it will be a main topic, but again, we have 2 chapels that have no school and no school instruction on sanitary conditions.

WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE! If you have donated, please consider once again donating to ABC for Haiti. All donations are needed and greatly appreciated! Here’s a list of our Immediate Needs:

Drill for a well – this will bring clean water to the community

Build Father a Church that has a roof

God bless you for your past contributions and we are blessed by your future ones.