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Living the Gospel


Living the Gospel – a modern day story of those who do!

 Sunday I received a phone message that a dear friend who distributes communion to her community at one of the local senior citizens homes had some money that her group of 11 communicants had collected to donate to Haiti.  I returned her call on Monday with the intention of making her one of several stops that evening on the way home.  We ended up making a dinner engagement.  So, after an hour and a half meeting with someone else who would like to help us, I arrived around 6 to pick her up for dinner.  She handed me a package and said it was from her communicants.  I took it, thanked her and tucked it under the sun visor in my truck and we went to dinner.

                We had a nice dinner and chat at one of the local Asian diners.  It’s been a while since we had spent some time together.  To make this long story short we finished about 7:30, I dropped her off at home and headed back to my place pretty much exhausted after a day that started at 3:30 AM.

                When I finally did get home, I opened the manila envelope, expecting to find maybe $20-$30.  Remember now these are retired seniors living in a senior center.  There were three envelopes inside, two for $50 each and one for $140 for a total of $240, all cash.  I was blown away!

                You can’t imagine how many people I have talked to about our organization who have good incomes and are not shy about telling you how they spent it on themselves, and then when asked if they would be willing to share a minimum of $20 per month to help children, families, and a parish in need in Haiti, I get “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t afford it”.  Yet, senior citizens and I’m talking about senior, senior citizens can come up with $240!  Guess what?  That’s $20 per person.  I can’t help but think of the Gospel story about the Pharisee and the poor woman putting their offering into the plate.  The Pharisee with great pomp and circumstance gives of his abundance with no harm to his lifestyle and the poor woman gives the few pennies she has, giving of her sustenance. 

                This, my dear friends is a real time example of living the Gospel.  Next time someone asks for your help and you want to say “I can’t afford it” Think! – can you not afford it or is it just an excuse?

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God Bless