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A Blessed Easter to All


ABC for Haiti wishes a Blessed Easter to all as we begin the Triduum on this Holy Thursday.  As we celebrate the Lord’s Supper this evening, His passion and death on Good Friday and contemplate His time in the grave on Holy Saturday and His joyous and glorious Resurrection on Easter, I ask you to keep us in prayer and to keep our parish family in Haiti in prayer too. 

You will be in our prayers as we travel this personal and public journey increasing our understanding of our faith and our beliefs; remembering the great sacrifice Our Lord made for our salvation and remembering our obligation to be brothers and sisters of Christ, patterning our lives as close as possible to His.  Remembering also we have a responsibility to one another as brothers and sisters. 

Our parish family in Haiti will be praying for us as we pray for them.  This is the one thing we can do for each other.  We shoulder the greater burden to help our brothers and sisters in need and your generosity, care, and love for the poor not only in Haiti but throughout the world is recognized not only by us but by Our Father in Heaven.

As we wish you A Blessed Easter our prayer for you:   

May our Risen Lord Bless You, physically, emotionally, and spiritually each according to your need.

Team ABC for Haiti

He is Risen!


Thanksgiving – a time to reflect


In just a few days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, a day set aside for praise and prayer to our God for the blessings He has granted us through the year as set forth by an executive proclamation in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln (see link below).  A time of family gathering, good food and joyful times; a time to reflect back on the year and realize how blessed we really are.  A time to look at what is going on in our world and wonder, “what can I do to make this world a safer and better place?’  And yes, we all have this responsibility.  Sitting back and doing nothing is really not an option for us.  As Christians we have the duty to be God’s hands and feet as well as His voice in our world.  So how do we do this?

We can start with our families, teaching our children about God and their responsibilities to others.  We can talk with our co-workers and friends and be a good Christian example to them.  Share with your family, co-workers, and friends the choices you make to help others.  When you are asked how was your weekend, don’t give the standard old answer, “okay!”  Tell them, we went to church on Sunday, or maybe you went and helped at one of the local shelters, or St. Vincent DePaul had a food drive and you donated – let them know you are doing good.  Not to brag, but to be a witness to what it means to be Christian – they will know us by our works.  And, when they want to know when you find time to do that with family, and work and chores around the house; tell them helping others is important to you and your family and you make the time because it’s important to you and those you help.  If they still wonder what they can do, let them know, if their life is so busy, they can find a charity that does help others and make a regular financial contribution.  Oh, they’ll say I don’t have money for that and of course you can always come back that if they look at their spending and see how much is wasted it wouldn’t take much to come up with a monthly contribution of say $20.  Sometimes people just need to look outside the box and get an idea what others are doing.

So, as we prepare for the Thanksgiving weekend, count your blessings, make an effort to increase your help to those in need.  Pray for those in need, help physically where you can, and find a charity that supports programs you think are important and if you had the chance would want to participate in.  Just one word of caution – make sure if you are making a financial contribution that your money is going to support the people and programs you intend them to be used for.

All of us at ABC for Haiti wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving, may your table be filled with a cornucopia of food, your home filled with the sound of laughter, and may you all take a moment to give praise and thanks to our God for His blessings and to remember those in need.

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